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What Is A Stamp Paper ?

The stamp paper resembles a foolscape size paper with watermark of Indian national emblem. It is found printed with income stamp as observed engraved in money notes or on postal stamps of informed worth, for example, Rs.10, Rs.20, Rs.50, Rs.100, Rs.500 and much more, and is given by the Government over the world.

When To Use Stamp Paper ?

A Non-Judicial Stamp Paper shall be used for executing any document containing Legal matters.

For e.g.
1. Rent Agreement or Leave & License agreement.
2. Sale deed and or Purchase deed
3. Power of Attorney
4. Will
5. Gift deed
6. Affidavits etc.

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Stamp duty is a kind of tax levied on instruments

Documents such as Leave & License agreement, Power of Attorney, affidavit, adoption deed, sale deed, gift dee, mortgage, partition deed and settlement deed etc.

Generally, stamp duty shall be paid before or at the time of executing a document.

Yes, payment of Stamp duty varies from instrument to instrument.

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